Gurgly Brooks Childcare

A loving home where every child is seen as a blessing!

Gurgly Brooks Child Care is focused on providing an educational play based program to meet the parents and child's needs, enriching your child's life with the social and cognitive skills necessary to stimulate their own personal growth in a happy, comfortable and sanitary environment.     

Bright play areas are provided upstairs and on the main floor with lots of toys and fun learning materials.  Please see pictures below.  House plants within reach of children have been chosen from the safe plant list by Sick Kids Hospital thereby purifying indoor air while keeping kids safe.  There is child proofing door knob covers, cupboard locks, outlet protectors, upstairs door safety to prevent pinched fingers, and child gates on stairs up and down.  Playpens and Regalo portable toddler beds for nap time during the day.  Beds with frame and mattress for over night child care.

If you have any comments or questions after looking around my website, please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.  Please check back later for new updates.